Easel says project is done when it's half way through and cuts random third shape not in program

I was cutting out 2 rectangle shapes and when the 2 items finished, it started cutting a third in a random spot. Not sure what happened. There was no hidden objects or another copy in easel, just 2 rectangle shapes. Also, easel popped up about 2/3 through the cut and it said it was done. The x carve kept going and finished, but easel has done this a lot recently.

Not sure about the first bit, but the second is that the “done” message in Easel seems to be sent when it has finished sending the instructions to the controller. However, the controller will cache a number of instructions. The difference between when the message pops up and when it actually finishes is the time it takes to complete those few instructions

That makes sense. Not a big deal but the whole third random cutting action is really strange.

What did the third shape look like? Does it show up if you click Show Toolpaths?

It was a duplicate of the other shapes. The tool path wasn’t on there. Seemed like a glitch but it’s happened 3 times.

I had to turn off the power supply to stop it. Easel said the project finished so the X to stop it was gone. Maybe a feature should be on there to stop it once the easel software says its done just in case.

The G shield holds several commands at once, but communicates in near-real-time. It’s like in the old days before printers had their own memory and the driver in the computer had to send the print information line by line.

Complicated shapes, curves, polygons, etc all have lots of commands that have to be given at the right time, but squares are quite simple. So the G shield buffer which may only hold half a pass of a star shape could hold several layers of a square.

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If it doesn’t show up in the toolpath preview, and it’s a duplicate of another shape but cut in the wrong place, it sounds like this problem.

Thanks. Some of the wiring was touching one of the motors, i’ll see if that helps.