Easel says should take 1 hour takes 4

Please forgive me as I am new to this. What would make the speeds be so off in the software. When I do the simulation it says it should take an hour to do my design. It takes close to 4 hours.

Is this just a design issue or is my equipment set incorrectly.

What do you have your feed rate set to?

I’ve never found easel time estimates that accurate but never as far out as that.

The feed rate should be what easel bases the time estimate on so as long as this is the same from the simulation to the real life carve it should course a difference. Unless you have the feed rate set in easel above the machine max speed in the machine inspector.

I normally find easel is 10% or so out on time.

What kind of design is this, 3D relief for instance?
If so, the slow max speed of Z-axis and slow acceleration can make a huge impact on true time.

If possible please share your project (Share link in Easel) so we can trouble shoot more efficiently :slight_smile: