Easel scale issue


New here just bought an alfawise c10 when i add a simple picture in Easel and make it smaller say 30mmx30mm it engraves it more like double everything else is fine help on the matter would be appreciated

I would think it is most likely a calibration issue with your machine and nothing really to do with Easel.


Brandon Parker

Hi Brandon,

Thank you for your reply,you are 100% correct it was the calibration,it was a mile out !

thank you so much



Calibration can be done both in hardware and software:

  • Hardware - when scaling is off by double or halfs (and increments of that) it may be addressed by adjusting the microstep level
  • Software - Editing GRBL parameter $100-102 which define steps/mm is used to account for minor deviations / dialling in accuracy.