Easel Screen Resolution

There is probably a switch I just don’t see, but all of a sudden the resolution of the Easel screen changed. The windows resolution is ok, but the program itself switched to incredibly small fonts/buttons. I’m really just using Easel as a machine controller for my VCarve files and am familiar enough with where the right buttons are to control it. It is however somewhat annoying and it makes using Easel unusable to actually design. I closed Easel and restarted without result. Then restarted windows without result. The windows resolution is ok and other programs are behaving. Any ideas?

First guess is you accidentally changed the zoom level in the browser.

Duh! (followed by headslap)
I have been using Windows/Firefox for umteen years. Never even knew that setting was there. I SURE don’t know how I activated it!

In Firefox, you hold control and scroll the wheel. It becomes an issue in Easel because of you do it off the work area, it zooms the browser and not the work space.

I’m guessing I set something on the keyboard that held down the control key. Then moved the mouse/scroll. I usually run Firefox without the menu bar, so didn’t see Firefox’s View dropdown until you pointed me there!
thanks again.