Easel set up

I got my x carve and got it built but tryed to set it up on easel but it saids connecting to x carve and does not proceed

Is it the Xcontroller? Is the front LED turned on? Estop fully pulled up? Fan spinning?

yeah it is the Xcontroller the front LED is turned on and the Estop is fully pulled up

what operating system?

win 10

win 10

yes the usb is pluged in correctly

yes the usb is pluged in correctly

I just keep forgeting to reply to your message instead I reply in general

all the wires are pluged in but it just want connect

Have you installed the FTDI USB Serial drivers?


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I downloaded the FTDI driver and now it is asking for the com port and I went to the control panel and I went to device manager than I have no idea where to go from there



It’ll be called “USB Serial Port (COMX)” under the Ports section. If it’s not showing, reboot the PC and also disconnect and reconnect the USB cable.

your comment about the OP having their original boxes. I do agree that owning an carve requires a spirit of learning and exploration beyond what was demonstrated/communicated here, I have a personal love for the ‘do you still have the boxes’ burn. that said… Id love to see this remain a community where the noobs are welcome. even the ones who don’t know where to find connected serial ports in the windows system device manager

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