Easel setting for G10 FR4 Fiberglass plates?

Hey guys! I just finished my X-Carve’s controller box after 6 months of delay due to busy life. I think I calibrated but not 100% sure. I will be starting off with 1/2 or 3/4" MDF for some prototype parts before working on G10 sheets that are about 2-3mm thick. What is the best setting for a clean cut? I have YET to cut anything yet since I’m waiting for some bits. I have everything else but that! And learning how to use Easel VERY slowly. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Can Easel do 2D plates with holes accurately? I just don’t want to spend hours trying to learn how where I know for sure 100% another CAD program can do it. Time is my concern here! Thanks again!

Provided the Xcarve is calibrated and operating within spec there is no need to worry about accuracy :slight_smile:
If you primarely design in other programs you can export the CNC-file (nc-extension) and import to Easel and use Easel as the sender of the code.

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thanks, i have never used CAD program even at the age of 45. I’m trying to make some replacement parts for a remote control vehicle. I’ve seen many videos but most of them are just imported pictures of something and it’s not showing stuff being made like symmetrical (hope I’m right) pieces.

For design a proper work flow is required to machine an accurate part. Easel is just as accurate as any other kind of software. Crap input = crap output.

Get comfy with Easel while you wait, you can design and place cut paths accurately directly in Easel. For simple 2D stuff it is quite nice for us novices.

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Get familiar with the Easel shape tab

Here you can easily set sizes and positions based on different points on the shape.

It should provide you enough accuracy from a design perspective.


Strange that I don’t see the Corner Radius feature. Was there something you selected for this to popup? What I am worried about is not creating the holes aligned on the other side. I lied about not playing with CAD since I did touch CorelDraw about 10 years ago! Thanks guys.

I had selected a rectangle to put on the design.

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That’s odd! I tried creating a square and I still don’t see the corner radius feature? I must be doing something wrong here!

I do alot of design in corel draw. You can export as .svg to easel

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Thanks yes I have just downloaded Inkscape and QCAD. Learning VERY slowly :frowning:

I just checked and all I did was click the “Rectangle” button on the toolbar. If I selected the circle, triangle, or star, it didn’t show up. Tried both Chrome and Microsoft Edge and got the same results.