Easel setup Stops responding

Hi there,
I’ve acquired an and older x-carve 750mm. From what I know it was previously working. On Windows 7, loaded the Easel Driver, go to Easel … enter the parameters, specifically (arduino & gShield) … I get a message that it’s connecting and saving the config.

I can jog the X/Y axis a few times … but it soon, for lack of a better term, it locks-up and becomes unresponsive. The only way to reset this is to go back to setup and start the whole process again. Another tidbit, I’ve never been able to jog the z axis even if that is the first thing I try after a reset.

I’m not even sure how to trouble shoot this. If I take the cover off the box I see the green LEDs flicker when the motors work, but that’s about the only change.

I’m not looking for an answer at this point just a nudge in the right direction … should I try to connect to the serial port of the controller directly (guessing I would need to disable easelLocal?) and try sending G-code directly and seeing if there are errors??

→ Rob

Try clearing your cache and browser history and give it a another shot.

OK, so … while I was waiting I loaded UGS and was able to control the machine in every axis and was able to home. I fired up easel again, didn’t even get a chance to clear cache and history, walked through the setup and it ran to completion. I went into easel and started jogging around and it locked up again … but I did get a message that there was newer firmware available. I loaded the new firmware and ran setup again. When I was putting it through its paces I noticed the motors “sounded better” … maybe a little faster … anyway I’ve been jogging around in easel and haven’t had a lock up yet.