Easel showing PRO Carve for imported G-Code

I ran a job last night that was all g-code imported and Easel was showing the PRO Carve button. I have three workplaces in the file. Some show CARVE while others show PRO CARVE… how do we fix this so I am not losing carve days on a file that is imported.

Hi Wayne,

First, I just want to make it clear that you currently have unlimited use of Easel Pro through 11/24 as a thank you for participating in the early access period (as does everyone who participated). So you are not currently losing any carve days no matter what you carve.

After 11/24, any time you go to carve an Easel Pro project, if you are not an Easel Pro member, it will inform you of which features you’re using and ask if you want to use a free day or not. You have to click “Use a Free Day” in order to start a free day. It will never start one automatically. The button will look like this:

24 AM

G-Code import does not require Easel Pro. If you have a g-code import project that is showing the PRO carve button, please contact our customer success team at (312) 775-7009, and they will help you out.


There appears to be snag in Easel/Pro. If you start a design with Pro functions then delete them and replace them with imported g-code the page doesn’t update to reflect that change and still shows PRO CARVE status. I just recreated the file using fresh g-code imports (same files as before) and it shows just CARVE now.

Hi Jeff, again I have a file that is all g-code imported and I cannot carve without using PRO days.

Link to file in question: http://easel.inventables.com/projects/OIOdduV06MalQ7ZzwCy8kw

Hi Wayne,

Which work piece(s) is the problem happening on in that project?


About over hals starting with the “Stock Wine” then ending with “Grow Old with Me”

We will take a look.

Hi Wayne,

If you refresh your project it should work now.

What happened is that you had selected a v bit before importing g-code into your workpiece. That bit was still hidden behind the scenes throwing a wrench into things.

We fixed Easel so that it doesn’t get confused about this anymore when importing g-code.

Awesome sauce… thank you so much… sorry about the pasted post above… now to ge my second x-carve finished and running.

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