Easel "simulate" panel is broken

The right panel on my Easel Pro UI is showing up broken. The buttons are all there and working (e.g. material and cut settings) but the preview itself doesn’t appear, and instead shows this little icon (see screenshot) in the corner. I’m running it in Chrome 96.0.4664.110 on Mac OSX Catalina 10.15.7 (Intel Core i5). I’ve tried opening Easel in Safari, but Safari can’t seem to load Easel projects at all (error is something about repeated failed to load the webpage). Any suggestions?

That is a WebGL issue related to your OS/Browser I believe that Chroms has pushed updates to fix it, but you can also try this…

Links on that page to walk through what needs to happen to fix it…

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Thanks for the pointer on WebGL. Although my browser has no issue with WebGL, you gave me enough of a clue to Google for the actual issue, which was apparently fixed very recently in an OSX update: 2021-007 Security Update Catalina causes … - Apple Community

I’m updating my mac now and will report back…

[Edit] After updating OSX it works again.

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