EASEL site not secure

Does anyone else notice when they log into Easel to start a carve that the website is no longer a secure site or is it just my setup?

I’ve logged in with two different laptops, my cell phone and my IPad and none of them show a secure site.

Hi @JeffreyJones,
Easel is using SSL connection by default. I checked your account and you had it disabled. I reset your status so next time you log in you will be asked to transfer your account to secure site. Your machine setup, projects and everything else will be transferred.

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That didn’t work

I’ve been working with Jenna on this for three days with zero luck

Good evening

It is working now. I had to actually open a project then it asked me to reload Easel. Thank you for your help.

Jeff Jones

I tried to now run the machine and the spindle won’t turn on

Any ideas what caused this issue? Since I basically reset the Easel software, do I need to run through the complete machine set up again?

You will need to reset the machine letting it know what size and options you have.

That didn’t work. I actually had INVENTABLES log into my system and found a new error. The automatic cutter settings was not setting any Spindle RPM speed. They are investigating why now. I have to manually set the RPM for now.

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