Easel software glitch or my issue?

I have been working on a compass rose clock which is coming out pretty good so far. The issue I am having is the numbers in the top right side show to be exactly the same font and size including cutting depth. In the pre-view it also looks different and is as shown when cut. I have many times deleted and added back each of these numbers and they show in the set up to have the exact same font, size and cut depth. Has anyone else had this issue and knows how to fix?

If you are saying that the top right corner does not cut to the same depth as the lower left corner then yes, that is a common issue that people have. That means that your XYZ cutting plane is not parallel to your waste board. So, either you need to square & plumb up your machine, or if it is just barely different and you can not make it any better you can skim cut the waste board to ensure that it is parallel to the XYZ cutting plane.


Brandon Parker

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No, that is not the issue at all. The cuts are the same. It is the number size that is different. They are the same in the program dimensions as listed but look and cut different. I have looked at the rest of the numbers and they have the same font style, size and cut depth.

Can you share the project?

Hi Neil, Yes, thought that I had already done that.

Here is the link;


The file isnt shared yet, you need to click Save before you close the URL-window.
Then post that URL here.

Its not an obvious step and many, me included, have done the same :slight_smile: