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I have a macbook pro 2.8 GHZ, 16gig ram - and Easel chews up a ton of CPU and ram. Safari even complained that the Easel tab was consuming too many resources – and don’t even try using it in Firefox as on my computer it’s even worse.

Its very hard when you’ve got quite a few different objects and you need to move one of them… Maybe Easel has reached it’s limits running in a browser and would be better run as a desktop app? Javascript is an interpreted language thus is quite a bit slower than lets say C, Java, Rust or even Go.

And yes I’ve tried Chrome, I’ve also tried running in Linux, Windows. This is a real pain as the computer I use in my shed where the xcarve lives is not a very powerful computer and If I need to make a last minute change – good luck.

Modern javascript is not like the interpreted language of old, and on machines like the Mac the Javascript is JIT compiled at runtime, and like Java is remarkably close to fully compiled languages nowadays in speed tests. That being said JS is a single threaded language so can’t make use of all the cores on your machine (each browser tab can be a core but within one webpage the JS runs in a single thread). I suspect the 16GB of RAM is more the issue as we push bigger and bigger models and the browser is not as efficient a container as a straight OS application written in Swift (since you are Mac based).

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True. Modern Javascript has come a long way – however it is an interpreted language. Look at the source of the easel page, you’ll notice that it loads several (about 8 or so) javascript scripts to perform various tasks on the page. This for example is one for the toolpath generator:

You can click on that link and get the source code. Your browser loads that as plain text and compiles it at runtime. But forget about Javascript – the point is My mac can run Fusion 360, Carbide Create, Inkscape, Gimp (photoshop), Meshcam, VCarve (in a windows VM) better than it can Easel. I like Easel’s interface better but its very slow.

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