Easel Stars

Is there anyone that could help me make a 50 star template of 1.1" stars to fit on a 13" across x 10/1/8" up and down board? Everything is square on my 1000mm x-carve, but it is not cutting the stars correctly. I must have the dimensions incorrect or something. The star template is at link


Select all to see the stars. Any help on correct dimensions it should be would be great.


Hope this helps

Thank you for sharing this link. You hit the nail on the head. Apparently, I cannot use the star in easel to make this template. I used this SVG file, and it’s perfect. I have been agonizing over this. I greatly appreciate it.

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VCarve certainly made it easier as I was able to create one in the position of the first line and then copy it to the first position on the second line and then array each one.

Could you tell me what perimeters you set in Easel? I’m trying to make it work the best.