Easel start point selection?

Tape and glue solves the issue of tabs and loose cuts. You can prioritize cuts with different work spaces, ie profile cuts last. You shouldn’t have to use 8 tabs, I use 3 at most when I use them. Tabs are not needed with the tape and glue method as long as the tape touches where the part is.

Separating the cuts into workspaces is easy and let’s you choose the order its cut in. Along with a simple tape setup, you could get away with the extra 5 minute before a carve with no finish work after the carve.

If you happen to try out vcarve, you can array your vector toolpath and it will cut each vector or part out individually before moving to the next as well if thats also something you are looking for. They offer a trial if you want to check it out.

No. I have to have the workpiece secured somehow and once the x Carve is running I can do other things in my shop and still monitor the carving

Finding the right tool for the right job isn’t always easy, knowing what you intend to do will help make suggestions. You have since the post I quoted from specified that you make clocks.

The machine, being a DIY CNC or a thoroughbred high class machine does only one thing - only what its told.
The Xcarve if told, will carve the exact sequence you need to get the job done. Adapting to a proper workflow is key.

You can instruct Easel to carve a specific sequence by breaking up the larger job into incremental jobs and regulate the sequence that way. Other CAM software have different approaches / opportunities.

I sometimes make a bunch intricate cake toppers out of 1/16" acrylic, with parts being down to 1/32" thin.
Full depth in two passes because the material i plastic.
To achieve that I use masking tape and CA glue because that provide a firm hold-down for the entire work piece, for me this work very well.

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what do you glue your piece to to keep it secure?

The video from phillip above shows the step by step process for it. Tape on waste board and on material lined up the same. Place CA on one. Press and hold for a moment. Carve. After you are done just remove the tape.

As long as there is tape along the parts you want no tabs on, they will stay in place.

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Thank you for the shout out. The video answers the questions that he has. He may not have had time to watch the video yet

The masking tape / CA glue is used to form a double sided tape.
It is much better than actual double sided tape because it is lower tack, easier to remove after the job and leave little, if any glue residue. While it is lower tack it is plenty strong enough for the job. I have also carved 1" thick aluminium using only masking tape so there are possibilities :slight_smile: