Easel status bar/safety issue

I was just surfacing my wasteboard using easel. I didn’t measure the size of the board correctly, but I realized this before the job was close to completing. I figured I’d just stop the cut when the area I wanted cut was finished. I wanted to stop the cut before the cutter slammed into my clamp holding the secondary wasteboard down. I was watching the cut, and when the bit was where I wanted it, I figured I’d go to the laptop and hit the little “x” to stop the cut. However, all that was on the laptop screen was the message saying the project was completed, with no way now to stop the cut. I know people will say about e stops and the like, but if Easel was running correctly in this situation, it wouldn’t be needed. Just an FYI, as I think this is an important issue

The “Project is Complete” notification pops up over the status bar and can be dismissed by clicking the little ‘x’ in the corner. Using that stop button won’t result in an immediate stop though, so I’d be careful. Since the code running through the Arduino is buffered it may take a line or two before it actually stops.

An E-Stop is really your best bet for emergency situations where you need the machine to stop instantly, I know I’ve used mine more than once.

I do not have an “E” stop but I do keep my finger on the off button on the Arduino when things look bad.

That works just the same, the E-stop is just a bit more convenient and easy to hit. You can get them pretty cheap on amazon, aliexpress of ebay (probably a ton of other places too). I have on more than one occasion had to take a couple quick steps towards my machine to smack that E-Stop.

My issue was not with needing an E stop, as I said in the original post.

I thought this was a fair point to make about your original post though.

The completed project message general pops up prior to your machine stopping just because of how Easel interprets the percent complete of a project. Just thought I’d give you some more information on the issue you saw and then suggest an alternative ie E-Stop. Take it as you will.

Yes. It is. My only issue is that the project shouldn’t appear as complete until it is complete. When I start a project I always put my finger on the pause button as its starting to make sure it all goes well. And if I see something not working quite right, I’d like to be able to pause or stop. That is why the buttons are built into easel. I don’t see why they should be unavailable for the last 10% (or whatever) of the job. It gives a sense that you can stop or pause, and then at some arbitrary point, you have no access to them.

I agree, I think it was discussed on here at one point and definitely something that needs to be addressed. As I mentioned before I think Easel estimates based on number of lines of gcode left, where to make it be more accurate would need to consider feed rate and length of travel.

Another work around would be to install physical buttons and connect them to the feed hold pins on the Arduino, there are a couple posts relating to this as well.

But regardless, I hope complete percentage algorithm gets update soon as well.

Hi @TomP, sorry for the trouble! The progress bar is based on the “ok” responses Grbl sends back to Easel after receiving each line. It sends the responses before it finishes the movements, which is why the progress bar disappears a couple seconds before the machine finishes. You’re right though: It would be better to keep the progress bar and controls open until the machine is completely done. I’ve opened an issue for this in our bug tracker.

@Rusty is correct that Easel’s stop button is not an emergency stop, so if there’s ever an issue of safety you’re best off using an E-stop button or pulling the plug.

Actually, we scooted that over to the left this morning so it shouldn’t get in the way anymore. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. As I’ve said though, the issue is not about an emergency stop. I have a stop. Maybe I haven’t been clear about the issue that I was having. But I guess it’s been covered. Great to know you guys are working on it.

Is there a diagram of the Feed Hold pins. One that someone that cannot really read a schematic.

Here you go!

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And a little more info on how I did mine…