Easel stops carving after 1 percent completion?!

So here’s the problem…

I uploaded 3 different cut jobs (pocket, v-bit and cut out) to easel pro and the first job cut perfectly with no problems. After I changed the bit and loaded my second program to cut (v-bit), Easel only decided to cut 1% of the program and went back to XY zero thinking it was done. I am hoping I missed something small that someone can help me out with.

I have tried;
-Restarting my comp.
-refreshing the browser
-rearranged the cut order
-uploaded the same program but with different variations

But it all ended up the same, cutting 1% and that’s it. Now I am stuck at a standstill, because I can’t move my work piece…I’ll lose my zero. So, any tips or help would be greatly appreciated.

fyi: I use V-Carve Pro for my CAD and Easel Pro when it comes down to carving.

This won’t help you with this job, but you might consider using UGCS or PicSender to send the file to the Xcarve.

I found it to be more reliable and either program will give you more handy options. You also wont need to be connected to the Internet like you do with Easel.

Sorry I cannot answer your Easel question. You’ve hit the main items. Sounds like Easel doesn’t have all the gcodes for your project, does Easel show a preview for your project? If the cable was loose between the PC and x-controller it most likely would just stop at it’s location, I don’t think that is the issue. Sorry I don’t work in Easel anymore. I’ve gone down this path with UGCS and had success recovering larger projects with bCNC.

I will agree with @ChrisMatus I use Vcarve and UGCS all the time.

With the UGCS would i need to move programs via a flash drive? Or does it act like easel were i can upload from one computer and work off another?

Do you design with Vectric V Carve and then import the g code into easel?
If so what post processor are you using in V Carve?

With UGCS and Vcarve you generate the toolpath in Vcarve. Than ‘get’ the gcode files to your UGCS PC where you load them into UGCS. I use OneDrive between my Vcarve PC and UGCS PC connected to my x-controller

I use x-carve.gcode, and I have done other projects the same way, im not sure if the size of the project is a factor. I do merge all of my similar tool paths in vetric, i hope thats not it, because that is very convieniant.

The option for the post processor in Ver 9 is listed. Here is a link to a video I did on gcode: