Easel stops completely after pausing

So I got my xcarve up and running again after a long hiatus and see Easel has new features and such. I’m back to my sign making for acrylic light up signs. However when I import from from vcarve and I paste it in the middle of the job to perhaps clear the bit off or whatever the case may be. It will go again for about 2 seconds then stop again. Any ideas? If I don’t stop it will go all the way thru and it happens everytime and doesn’t matter what sign or where I stop at it does it. I use the gcode on another cnc machine and it goes thru all the way whether I pause it or not

I had a similar problem.
I use a relay to control the router and shop vac
The carve would run for a while, stop mid carve and shut off the router and shop vac.
I had had the occasional stall or crash but it had never shut off the spindle before?
It got worse and worse, happening multiple times in a single carve. :rage:

It turns out that it was seeing RF noise on the limit switch lines and doing an emergency shutdown.
I reconfigured my settings so the switches were “homing only” and the problem stopped. :slight_smile:

why do you import to easel from v-carve? your talking about v-carve by vectric correct?

That worked for now thank you

I didn’t put homing switch he’s on mine cause I set it where I want to go everytime I do so many different materials that I just move it where I need it

I just rebuilt my machine I’ll vacuum everything off again tho

Because vcarve by vectric is a much better program than easel. Easel is great for the basics of cnc and xcarve. Vcarve is much better suited for me and I might as well use it since I have it.


yeah but you create the design in V-carve and then import it into easel to cut it correct?

why dont you just calculate the tool paths in v-carve save them and then run your x-carve using Universal gcode sender or chilipepper those are a little more reliable than Easel

of course Mach3 controller would be best

I have found ugs to be unreliable for me. and I don’t know much about chillipepper or mach 3

yeah I have had issues with ugs in the past

I hear good things with chilipepper but have never used it

I use mach3 with my production 4x8 cnc machine but you can’t control a grbl with it

but any thing is better than easel imo especially when creating the tool paths I would do that in V-carve for sure and just use ugs or chilipepper

all imo though lol

right I do create my tool paths and gcode in vcarve and just import all easel does is just control the machine that’s all. it just happened to stop working if I press pause that’s all. its my dream to eventually have a 4x8 machine then again I’m about to take everything out on the road with me and see how well I do at trade shows. I have a smaller 12x13 that I bring with me that sets up outside

ooooo okay yeah I did the same thing with fusion 360 and imported the file into easel and cut it I never had an luck with it lol

oh thats cool do you have a pic of your lil tiny machine?

It’s Currently going right now i have a tradeshow to go to tomorrow lol and just making some last minute light up signs

oh thats cool!!! how do you like it?

dang that sucker is expensive!!

lol yes it is it as 3d printing and laser capabilities also though and is pretty accurate it comes with atouch pad so my computer doesn’t have to be hooked up to it

well what control software does that thing use?

it takes .tap files

oh so you just plug a usb thumb stick into it and hit go on the .tap file?

it also came with vcarve desktop at no additional charge