Easel Stops Cutting Mid Cut

so here is the issue. Just finished my x carve. I am not using the limit switches.and have a dewalt 611 spindle. I am trying to carve the little mario mushroom from the easel library and it stops part way thru the cut. Not at the same place every time either. It just stops…sometime in the wood sometimes not. If I hit the stop cut button it retracts and heads to the zero point.I can restart it but it never cuts it…lol

Frustrationishigh…really want to cut some stuff

You may have a bad USB connection. If Easel looses the connection with the controller the controller will stop all movement. Try wiggling the USB cable ans see if the looses the connection.

it has good connection…I am wondering if because it a laptop…ifI may need a powered hub??

Others have reported that their laptop needed a powered hub to work correctly. Worth a try.

Also, ensure your laptop is not going into screen saver or power save mode after a long cut. I had that happen to me…not fun

It is definitely not that. I am standing there and it is less than 2 min into the cut.

Have you used your setup successfully before? Or are you just getting started with the x-Carve?

Just getting started. Maybe a power cord for the arduino would work better??

The arduino is powered from the USB connector. I would not connect it to any other power supply.

Did you find out what caused the problem?

Ive suddenly experienced the same problem, and Ive had my x-carve for a good while now, running perfectly… until now.

I recently have had the same problem. I came down to a few loose connections on the wires I had one on the left side of the y axis and the other two which I bet were the main ones, were the two main power cables coming into the Arduino we’re loose. Double check every single wire connection I swore to myself that mine were tight. I I’m using an old HP laptop quitno powered hub and it’s working fine.

My issue was a bad PCI driver

What more specifically is occurring and what spindle are you using?

The problem ended up being a driver for my laptop that was causing my USB to loose connection… Had nothing to do with the x carve it’s self

Its just stalls, will not complete the job. I’m using the stock spindle.

Mine was doing that. I found that a driver on my laptop for my usb ports was corrupt and needed reinstalled and all woks fine now. I would go into device manager on your computer and see if you have any alerts…if not start checking connections and make sure you have no issues with your usb cable for the controller.