Easel Stops in the Middle of a Project

I have had several times when the machine stops in the middle of the project. Fortunately the last time it happened, I was able to recover. This seems to happen occasionally and with not reason. The computer still recognizes the X-Carve, but easel does not. How can this be alleviated? Is there a G-Code sender that would work better than Easel? Any suggestions?

Personally, I wish they would put some RAM in the X-Controller so that if the connection is lost, it can still complete the project.

This has been a common problem for as long as I can remember. Search lost usb connection or powered usb hub. I had my vfd sitting to close to my computer one time and the emi killed my connection. Had to move it across the machine.

I use picsender to send my Gcode but UGS is free

There are many thoughts that the USB line power could be the fault. Certainly could be and I am not taking anything away from that theory as powering the USB line seemed to resolve their issues.

Even after powering my USB lines I had an instance where Easel stopped and I found the problem to be the x-controller’s power line was not plugged in completely - a slight wiggle and the x-controller would quickly power off and back on. I thought it was plugged all the way as it felt like it had bottomed out but pressing harder and it popped in farther. I have not had the problem since.

I’ve had this happen to me and ruin several projects. I’m more and more frustrated with Easel. Never used UGS, but its just a matter of learning it. Easel claims to do almost everything, but it does nothing well.

I have had mine stop at 40%, 70% you name it. Today I solved a work around issue. Easel stopped at 75% percent on a beautiful job. So what I did was go back into the set up and fortunately the design had a number of Vector pieces in it including a seperate vector for each letter. So I made a copy of the project then deleted everything in the project that had already been cut. Made sure the spindle was in the exact same starting position and started the project over. Wow was I happy completed the job perfect.

Hi everyone, my first post.
I had the same issue on three occasions and found that the problem stopped after changing my pc sleep and desktop live wallpaper settings, also changed update settings to manual in windows. Not sure if that was the problem but it stopped after. You watch it will happen again now lol

Had the same problem, purchased a powered USB and seemed to solve the problem.