Easel stuck, setting up machine

I have had the machine set up and working , I am trying to set up machine again to use the probe and it freezes at writing configuration, I have never had this before, any ideas why this is happening , I have not used Easel for a while , has it changed, it jogs okay and the spindle turns on, all is working well, except I can’t get to the part where I set up the probe

Are on the latest release of Easel?

Hi Mark, I am not at the workshop now so I will check that Tomorrow, I did email Inventables about the problem and got this reply, so hopefully this will fix it
Thanks for your message and I apologize for the trouble. I’ve unfortunately seen this issue in the past and it seems to be related to the firmware. I’ve had success by resetting the firmware, which you can do by sending the following command from the console within the Machine Inspector, found under the advanced settings in the Machine menu:


Yes that worked fine, but I have another problem now , when I make contact with the probe it goes green but when I remove it it goes back to red again, I have installed Larry’s version of GRBL 1.0c and had to make a change in the $ signs, as everything went back to default, I had to change $102 as my Zaxis was only moving half the distance I commanded, I have a new linear Z , I wonder if it is a GRBL problem