Easel suddenly stopping on long carves

I’m a newer Easel/Xcarve user. I found a used 1000 machine and have been cutting some simple boards and things.

Decided to start a scale model of a parametric bench which is a 2 hr cut. Well, about 1/2 way in the machine looses its usb connection and resets.

I am cutting in MDF and do have a vacuum system.

Should I just use UGS?


But more importantly you should figure out why you have a disconnect and reset.
Did your system go to hibernate mode? sleep mode? loose power to USB hub? etc.

if you have one of these problems you will still have the same issue with a different sender program unless that program has a way to prevent power saving modes from activating your system.

and by the way if you fix your issue do you really want to change sender programs?

Great questions. I started it over 4 times…Each time it stopped at a different point. The computer is set to never sleep…USB just disconnects. I think it is static or frequency from somewhere. I’m going to run it on UGS probably just for a test. I feel like a local host is much more stable than a connected host.

And you can run code which is much larger (browsers have a limit on file size for security reasons) which can also be helpful when running larger files from laser code. and also some sender programs have auto-level functions etc. which can come in handy.

Technically once the carve has started, the GCode is being delivered by EaselLocal which is a local application which only reports information back to Easel in the browser. Unless Inventables has changed something, that is how Easel works. You design in the browser with the server-side doing heavy computations for producing CAM, and once the GCode is generated for a carve, the file is downloaded to your computer and handed off to EaselLocal.

You are more likely seeing some type of EMI issue. Is the USB cable routed away from any power cables? Have you connected the shield/drains on the stepper cables to the GND on the X-Controller?


Brandon Parker

Mine starts doing this when the router brushes get towards the end of their life, check those out as well. Steve

I was having this issue a month ago. I read a topic on here discussing it. I took the suggestion of grounding the system to my power outlet ground. I haven’t had an issue since. I’ll try and post the topic

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I have done a few things and think the issue is resolved. Tightened all connectors. Tightened all screws on the machine and gave it an overall tune up. Adjusted everything. Found a couple loose screws here and there.

Also took apart the x-controller box and found that the usb converter cable was all the way in, but when i wiggled it left to right, it would disconnect. I straight wired it to the computer and have had NO more issues!

BTW. I just finished a custom 24v brushless spindle project and will post when done with the adapter.

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