Easel suddenly stops carving with imported G-code

I’ve finally gotten around to designing and exporting G-code from Fusion 360 and that process was surprisingly easy after watching some videos. After processing the G-code for Easel and importing it, everything seems ok and runs fine, but then the carve suddenly stops about 2 layers (2mm) into my carve.

At first, I thought this was my laptop falling asleep so I changed its settings to never sleep. I re-ran the G-code in Easel from the start and waited another hour or so for the carving to get to where it was previously.

While I was watching, Easel went from 12% done to Finished and then it prompted with the usual, how does it look message…

What’s interesting is that the carve stopped on the second layer again, but this time in a different location on the opposite side of the piece. This would seem to indicate that it’s not a problem with this section of the file, but the sudden stopping doesn’t make sense to me. Does anyone have an idea what could be happening here?

Also, is there any way to skip ahead in your G-code so you don’t have to keep starting from the beginning? If this keeps up, it will take forever to figure out what’s happening if I have to keep letting the carve start from the beginning. Thanks!

AFAIK, there is no way to skip forward in the code in Easel. Depending on how the post processor splits up the gcode into blocks in the file, you should be able to turn the early ones off using a sender such as bCNC. I don’t know about UGS, but with bCNC, you can also directly edit the code if you need to (add and delete lines, split it into blocks, manually reorder cutting operations).

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Thanks for that. I was just thinking of the doing the same but my file is pretty large. It has complicated swirling clearing paths and I think it would take me too long to edit it. At this point, I’ll probably just export a new file trying to compensate for this, but the sudden quitting of the carve mid-operation is really a pain.

Okay, so after making a new file with height compensation to start on the layer it left off, it’s happened again. But this time I noticed something–the cutter seems to jerk a bit before it stops, like it gets stuck in a spot, and then Easel suddenly quits the job and asks how it went.

I’m not sure what to do here. I’m milling pine and it’s getting stringy, which is possibly why the bit might be getting caught up, but this doesn’t explain why this would cause Easel to just up and quit the operation. It’s not like it stops and moves up to a safe height, it just stays in place thinking it’s finished.

Anyone having Easel quit when it runs into a hard spot?

If the spindle is “held back” the current running though it increase quickly (as it require more power)
This may exaggerate brush spark/electrical noise.

What controller do you use?