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I’m a CADD junkie, been doing this the better part of 30 years. i’m totally new to X-carve and CNC.

Part 1:
Just a thought, but being able to lock object in place would be great! I am carving a file with a lot of independent shapes. Most are set to carve inside the line, but quite a few need other settings. I pre-set my drawing to have most read to go with one action, but as I move around sometimes the objects move slightly. Knowing I could lock a position, or layer, while still being able to edit other attributes would eliminate a lot of frustration.

Part 2: The attribute editing I’m having to do on some 60+ objects is moving the tabs. Is there a way to create an algorithm that keeps tabs out of corners? I’ve seen this quite a few times where the tabs are almost always auto-placed in corners. If I have any polygon the majority of tabs get magnetized into the corners. No biggie in the digital world, but when I’m freeing my carve in the real world its tremendously easier to get a tool into a long straight channel, and much less precise sanding when the tab is on a flat straight channel. So, I’ve been spending my time moving the tabs manually out of each corner prior to carving.

Maybe this is all new-guy-learning-curve crying, If so, I apologize. I’m just thinking this product could be next level with some simple tweaks.

If there is a better way, please feel free to point it out.

Help me Easel Community. You’re my only hope.


Part 1: [New feature] Pin shapes to the canvas!

Part 2: I think you’re out of luck on that one. That said, if you use super glue and tape you won’t need tabs.

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