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Easel, SVG, and Z Axis

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I hope I’m posting in the right place.
I have been scripting some SVG-based shapes for Easel. They import easily. The thing that I’m wondering is how Easel understands the Z-Axis. When an SVG is imported, it seems to default to a single Z-Axis value. Is there any way to include the depth of the cuts in the generation of a SVG from the outset?


No, imported vectors are imported as 2d objects

Try using different colors in Inscape then export an SVG. You will need to test which colors work for your needs. Here is a sample I did it will bring it in in different greys or for Easel depth of cuts. You can then simply click on one element then go to the dropdown and select all matching depths in Easel to set the depth you want. Hope that Helps Steve


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