Easel SVG Stroke Support?

Hello! I’m trying to cut the following: . When I import it into easel it loses all the stroke information - the white stroke on the wheat granules and the stroke width information on the stalk is lost. I created this in Inkscape.

Is this something I’m doing wrong, or a planned expansion? Has someone already asked about this?

I’m really enjoying Easel so far and how simple it’s made things. Thanks!

You just need to create those features positively, instead of negatively, if that makes sense…


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When you say “stroke” are you saying you want to engrave the white area and not the grey areas?

@TonyNo This is perfect! … but I don’t understand :). Is this something you did in a vector editor or in easel?

@Zach_Kaplan Nah, I was going off of just the visual from Inkscape - in this case, I was using a simple line for the wheat stalk, and each wheat granule had a thick white stroke outline. I was confused when I added it into Easel because it looked like it tried to just use the fill instead of any stroke information (here’s what it looked like when I imported it directly into easel). TonyNo’s easel project is exactly what I’m looking for, so it looks like it was me misunderstanding the import process. Thanks!

Actually, I brought it into Inkscape, and, used the flood-fill tool on the grey areas. That was the easiest way that I could see to get it right.

Oh. You can also click “outline” and “fill” in Easel when an element is selected. This will change if the bit follows the path of your line or makes a pocket filling in between the lines.

there is an option in inkscape to convert “stroke to path”. make a duplicate of the path you want stroked and choose “convert stroke to path” you now have that outline as a shape. you then can move it behind the original shape.