Easel Test Logo - The Official "What happens after the test Carve..?"

I’ve been wondering what you all do after that very first Easel setup and complete the test logo carve… Some may just simply toss it in the scrap pile… And then there are those who hand it over for the next stage in it’s existence…

Here’s what happened after my wife got her crafty hands the one I carved out…

In this case my wife Sharon swiped it out of the scrap pile and did some detailing with her RazerTip 8K wood burning unit. Then painted it up to make it more interesting… That little guy won’t be sitting in the scrap pile anymore…!!!

So let’s see what others have done with that first Easel test carve…

Steve & Sharon Nordahl
Nazareth, Pa.

Sort of leave more things out for her to find!

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Totally sending all my scrap pieces to you… :slight_smile: (Heck, might even send my “good” pieces)

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