Easel: "Test Your Wiring" set up

Hello everyone, I feel really silly for asking this question but I am a visual kind a person and just need to clarify the icons in the “test your wiring” window on the Easel set up page.

If the waste board with a directional legend for a map and the “INVENTIBLE” logo would be North, right side is East, than you have South and the X-control would be West. Based off the "Y up and Down arrows. Up would be north and Down south correct?

Other wise one would have there wiring wrong? Over thinking but just want to make sure.

I have provided 2 image for you all to view and give feed back on.

Thank everyone. JG



Mine seems to be backwards. Y North is Y south. X East is X West? Why are my controls backward? If want spindle to go up I have to ZSouth.Whats the deal?

try it to reserve one pair from your step motor so that motor work the right direction.



With a 4 position horizontal terminal block refer to the positions from left to right as 1 2 3 4. With a stepper motor with pair A on black and green and pair B on red and blue:

If the stepper motor is wired into this terminal block as

1 = black
2 = green
3 = blue
4 = red

You can change the direction of rotation if you re-wire it as

1 = black
2 = green
3 = red
4 = blue


1 = green
2 = black
3 = blue
4 = red

Hence the reference “reverse”. You reversed two of the wires in one of the pairs.

Most of the time the direction of rotation is changed with the grbl parameters.

Either way works fine.

I just set my new 750mm X-carve up last night and I had this problem. I tried to have Easel reverse the axes, but the page never loaded correctly (Safari, macOS 10.12.2). I just flipped all the wires instead, since I couldn’t figure out how to fix the page rendering.

Hey there all… I just finished building my machine. I’m testing the wiring with the arrows . Im not getting any movement. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Are you sure your e stop is pulled all the way up?

yes sir