Easel, Third Party CNC, Drivers and MacOS

I am lost and not sure where to turn. Several issues and problems. First is minor, How can I tell that the driver is installed correctly and is finding the CNC? Since I hooked it up to the CNC from the Mac I have been able to find the CNC three times but it seems each time I find it and I attempt to run a file off, either when it is done or I abort it, I lose the connection to the CNC and I am unable to get it back. The first couple times I was able to restart my Mac mini (current shipping mini) and restart the CNC and the connection would come back (sometimes). Now I have been unable to get the two to connect for some time I have tried and troubleshot pretty much everything I have read or found through online searching. I think if I could check a connection to the CNC it is a vevor 3018 Pro by the way from my Mac and if it is working I can eliminate some of the checklist. I also have two lasers machines an Ortur and a Yora connected and use Lightburn for all my laser needs. I am wondering if those drivers are conflicting with the ch430. When I try to install the CH341 under parallels and windows It fails every time I try so it must be working from the Mac version I installed. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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