Easel Throws error when importing gcode from VCarve pro

Im trying to output a vcarve toolpath. all the other toolpaths from the job import fine into easel but the vcarve path.
i have the tool set to vbit and i am using xcarve inch as post processor. and i get an error when i try to import this one toolpath.

The post processor that Inventables says to use for importing vCarve g-code to Easel is named “Easel”, the one in your screenshot is named “X_Carve (inch)”.
So, you’ll need to get the Easel pp downloaded and copied into the vcarve data floder (and restart vcarve), then choose the Easel pp.


Hey Kelly, Thanks for responding. as far as i can tell there isn’t an easel.pp out there. On the product page for vcarve inventables has posted three post processors. None of these are labled “easel”

The link is within Easel. Go to import G-Code and there is a link to get the PP…or at least there used to be.

yep, was just about to add that.

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got it, thanks. I am assuming its the “vetric” one. I’ll try it tonight. Thanks for the help

ahh, didnt realize those expanded. Thanks everyone

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Short answer = No.

You have to be very careful with your selection of Post Processors. The Easel post processor is significantly different from the X-carve post processor. I think that Easel (I don’t use Easel) must control some of the setup as the Easel post processor doesn’t have some of the setup that the X-carve post processor has.

Yes, X-carve PP for UGCS. Don’t use the Easel PP for files you are going to send via UGCS.

Since I don’t use Easel, I’m guessing - use the Easel PP if you designed your project in Easel. If you are going to use Easel to send a G-code file that was designed in V-carve PRO I would use the X-carve PP for generating that G-code.

It’s a little complicated, but if you would like the reason for this statement, I can explain at a later time. It’s late here and I have an early start tomorrow.

Anyone know when and why this changed? All my files (over 200) are in xcarve gcode. They all worked fine. Had to redownload after a hdd failed, and now I need to redo all my files to this new format. P.I.T.A.