Easel toolpath generation improvements

We’ve released a change to Easel that should improve the experience of generating complex toolpaths. Previously, when generating complex toolpaths, that generation could take up all the computing resources available to the web browser, causing the Easel browser window to become unresponsive during the toolpath generation. If that generation went on long enough, the browser would sometimes show a warning to the user that the page was unresponsive. We have changed the way that the toolpath generation occurs to allow the page to remain responsive, so that warning should no longer occur. The actual time to generate toolpaths should remain about the same. We are continuing to identify new ways to improve the speed and overall experience for complex designs, and this change paves the way for future improvements in that area.



You guys are amazing.

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I’m having this issue not that easel was ‘upgraded’

Completely unuseable now.


Could you send me the link to the project that’s giving you this issue? (You can private message me if you don’t want to share the project publicly).


pm sent