Easel Toolpaths

The longer I use Easel and the more I use Vectric, the more I miss the ability to design in the CAD portion of Easel and then create tool paths for the various parts. The need to create multiple sheets of a project inorder to make the needed tool path carves is both maddening and PC resource intensitive. Why should I have to create 10 worksheets for a single project when all I really need is the ability to create the necessary tool path with the optimal tool. Has Inventables ever considered incorporating this feature? Also, when importing a trace bitmap into the software is there a way to stop it from “deciding” that I want to clear a pocket when I actually intend to create a profile carve?


I heard a few months back that they might have been working on this implementation but no updates since.


you could perform the image trace, then set it to your desired cut type after importing :person_shrugging:
That said Easel’s image trace is kinda garbage compared to even inkscape (free) image trace, so personally I don’t import images into easel only SVG’s I’ve previously converted using inkscape…

Thanks Seth. With regards to the bitmap tracing, I already do what you suggest. The “ import and change the carve” is ok but it also result in double paths that must be eliminated . While I do that, Easel basically requires us to either use a 3rd part tool ( Inkscape, etc) or to diddly screw around in Easel to get a simple 2d carve set up. I guess it’s that that is at the center of my comment. I guess I don’t understand how they can charge what they do and not bring it up to a more robust feature set.

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