Easel troubles

I’m in my first week with my X-carve and am having trouble using Easel. I have decades of using AutoCAD and just can’t get away from the direct dimensional control.

I’m trying to draw in CAD (Draftsight), save out a DXF, open it in Inkscape and save as an optimized SVG. I’ve gotten this far by using the excellent info available here in the forum. Everything works, except that I can’t change the cut on the perimeter.

If someone could take a look at it and give me some hints, I’d greatly appreciate it.


your nodes are not connected. if you “grab” on the line you can move it one line at a time meaning that they are not one shape. you can go back into Inkscape select the nodes and join them. that should solve your issues.

Thanks Kenneth, I’ll give that a try.

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Thanks for the help gentlemen, I did manage to get all ends closed.

I’ll definitely watch your video Glenn, thanks.