Easel update

So I got a easel update for probe function so can someone explain how it works?

Hmm that’s pretty cool, I haven’t seen it yet, I’ll have to check once I get home tonight. I’m assuming that Inventables will post something about it relatively soon since that was a big request from the community.

Unless I am missing something here I have not seen any differences in easel.

Download 0.2.7 from the Help menu in Easel. Downloading from the screen you have still downloads 0.2.6. (Don’t know if this will help - I haven’t tried it yet - still at day job!)

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Still no visible change that I can see. I guess we will find out soon enough. Thanks for your help.

Sorry about the confusion. We’re working on a Z Probe feature that will require a new Easel Driver version. It isn’t quite ready yet, but we accidentally made that page visible! You can click “Continue without this feature” to skip ahead. We’re releasing a fix for this shortly.