Easel use with LEAD 1010

Will the Easel software work with the Openbuilds LEAD 1010 blackbox controller? As far as I can tell they both run Grbl so my thought was yes but wanted to see what the thoughts were. Thanks!

Easel is two things:

  1. A CAD/CAM program that will assist with a design and generate toolpaths. Exported gcode will work for you
  2. A GUI for streaming gcode. Would probably work, but I wouldn’t bother.

Why not?

Why not what? I’d use Open Control or another open source sender (I prefer CNCjs for most things).

Why not bother? Easel just seems to be easier to visualize a project in than Open Control. And its a lot easier to generate tool paths in than Open CAM. My only issue is getting automatic spindle operation, a problem for me on both platforms.

Easel is a great tool that makes it ridiculously easy to generate toolpaths. You can use any number of tools to send that Easel generated gcode to the machine. Many of the alternatives allow for much more freedom and provide many additional options. For example, when I use multiple tools in a job, I have macros set up for tool changes that ensure I don’t lose my Z position. You can’t do that in Easel.

Do you the box checked in Easel? Do you have your machine wired for it? What are you using to control the spindle?

Yes, all the obvious things. Dewalt 611 connected to the OpenBuilds Blackbox through the toolhead connection wired to Digital Loggers IoT. The spindle operates during the set up mode, (the IoT clicks audibly indicating a proper voltage signal was sent to turn the tool on) but this doesn’t happen when I select Carve and go through the preparatory steps. I’ve gone to the console numerous times and can operate the spindle with M3 and M5 commands, but when I review the G-code, the M3 S1 command does not generate a signal to the IoT and I cannot figure out why not. I’ve checked it with my multimeter. No signal at all, much less an insufficient voltage.

Can you post your grbl settings?


I actually bumped $31 to 2400 thinking that would boost the voltage but nothing.

Why is laser mode on?

No idea. Like I said, these were the default settings under Easel. Only one I tweaked was $31.

Here they are, fresh off the machine. I see that $32=0 now.


With your minimum spindle speed being 2400, M3S1 is effectively setting your spindle off. Make $31=0 and send M3S10000 to turn on the spindle.

I’ll give it a shot right now. Since I can only change $31=0, you’re saying the $30=10000 will send an M3 S10000 command to the board? Fingers crossed!

OK, that didn’t work BUT you made me look in the right place and, BINGO, FIXED! Instead of $30=10000, I set it first to $30=0 (reasoning: DW611 speed not controlled by GRBL anyway, so . . . ). That didn’t work so I tried $30=1, and that did it. Why? Don’t know and don’t really care. Thanks for seeing me thru this!! Truly appreciated.

Gotta go. Got some chips to make . . . .

What’s your spindle speed set to in Easel?