Easel, VCarve or Both?

I’m enjoying using Easel but feel like most more experienced carvers use VCarve. I’ve found Easel easy to learn and use but I’m thinking about committing to VCarve for additional horsepower, (I also like the idea of no monthly costs long-term). Are there other advantages I’m not thinking of to Easel or synergies to having both programs?

The advantage to Easel is as you mentioned its ease of use. My pre-teen children can do designs using Easel. Easel also imports images such as SVG graphics so that also makes it easy to get started.

I also have and use Vectric’s VCarve Desktop. It is far more complicated but gives you access to much more than Easel is able to provide. The main advantage for me is the ability to carve 3D objects. I can import .STL files from places like Thingiverse and have VCarve create the carving paths.

VCarve Desktop is not a software package for designing in 3D. I use other software for that.

I not only use VCarve Desktop for my CNC, I also use it to run my Roland Vinyl cutter and my Nextwave Automation laser engraver.


Vectric V Carve also has the option for ramping plunges. this eliminates the dwell marks left with Easel when all plunges are in the same spot.
Also what ever fonts are on your computer can be used in design, not just a chosen few!
The design aspect is relatively user friendly with excellent tutorials.

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