Easel vs mastercam

Hey guys just wanted to see if anyone who has used mastercam and easel have much to say between the two. I have always ran mastercam and mach3, wanted to use easel as well but after opening it up recently I wasn’t to impressed. Of coarse I didn’t get to deep with it but wanted to hear others thoughts.

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I have mastercam, I use it for for another machine I have and work, I have just been planning on running easel on this because it sounded like a simple, user friendly system (which it probably is)but I just opened up for the first time yesterday, and seem limited without knowing the tricks i guess. Another main reason for wanting to run easel is so i dont have to buy a dac board for mach3.

If I run easel can I run mastercam code through it or run macros to format mastercam code to easel code?