Easel website

Easel website appears to be down, for me at least, I am located in Southern Spain, anyone else having problems ?

Same here (Norway)

Yep down here aswell, (UK)

Same here in Portugal

Same here (Austria)

Hello, same here Salamanca Spain

Same here in Turkey

Same here in Hong Kong

Same here in US

Same here in Korea

Same in Brazil

Same here in UK as of 1237.

Same here in Germany. Maybe they rework Easel to include V-Bits and True Type Fonts? :wink:

same here Colombia :weary:

Well…actually, if the transatlantic cable was severed by a rogue piece of the Titanic wreckage or from mean vindictive sharks, it would primarily only affect those on the other side of the cut than where the servers are hosted which is probably in the US which would primarily cut off European countries and potentially into Asia too.

And let’s not forget about the Transpac so those island folks don’t feel left out! That could be severed too! :smile:

Our national main provider had its main optical cable severed once, did put half the country in internet darkness for a day or so… But the main problem this time around is probably the same as it was a day or so ago :scream: