Easel- What happend? Tech Support !?

Going to easel and some projects open some to not. Seems to sit there and load… There problems again? Hope it gets fixed it’s a week end for gods sakes!@!!!

Well it seems to be IE again with Easel. Using Opera no problem.

Sounds like drama to me!

(Opera – drama, get it?) :wink:

Yeah got it lol. Now on laptop in shop not working but my PC in the house runs it fine. Every updates seems to cause problems with browsers.

Have you cleared the cache? Running the latest Easel driver?
CCleaner is good software to clean up computer.

as a web developer, IE and Opera are both nothing but drama for me.

Hi @KennethMaddux,

We did introduce an issue that caused incompatibility with IE for a short period yesterday. We fixed this issue, and it should be working for you now. We’re sorry about the inconvenience.