Easel window upgrade

Since i have been running and teaching Easel. one thing i have been hoping for a Easel
window upgrade.
In the bar at the top, when carving, where the feed override is. cant you people move the “workpiece and machine coordinates” to that location so that the operators can see where the machine is instead of having to click on machine, then advanced then machine inspector.
As an instructor i try to teach my students how to use the two coordinate systems to be able to recover from a fault, stop, or for any reason…
All good Cad /CAM programs show both machine and workpiece coordinates, and since Easle has been my goto CAD/CAM program to teach, it would be a great improvement.
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Welcome to the forums! This is a great idea, would you mind posting it over at Feature Requests - Inventables Community Forum so we get it on our developers radar?

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Thanks Brandon for the quick and positive response.
Yes I can copy my text and place it in Feature request.
really looking forward to seeing what they can do.
one more idea is to have both coordinates visible all the time, could be a great help in finding a zero point.
I’ll also add this… if you are able to display both coordinate systems all the time, it would be nice to be able to have two red buttons, one to zero out each coordinate system manually.