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I am new to easel and I don’t see a file to select at the top of the Easel Window. Why

I’m not sure what you mean by “file” easel uses “projects” you can upload svg, dxf, gcode, and image files by clicking the button on thd lower left below the Lego button, or you can design with the included tools.

You can also open a shared or published project via a hyperlink, there are many published projects on this website.


You can click ‘Projects’ drop down then Open, press CTRL-O, or click the Easel icon to access your other projects. Other than importing DXF/images, there is not ‘local file access’. The projects are saved in Easel cloud, not on the local PC. Hope this helps.

I appreciate your help, but why do I see File next to Edit on all the Easel demonstrations ? I am a 80 years old and new to this and I want to download art work and I don’t know where to go. Thanks again

I think you were not alone with the confusion of the word “file” that the development team has changed that word to say “project” to better clarify that there are not easel design files, other than exporting the svg, or exporting the gcode. The “files” are simply cloud based projects.

If you want to download the desig you have created in easel, select project then export zip, this zipped folder contains an svg of the design elements used in the easel project.

If you want to save the view you see in the simulation pane you would need to screenshot an image of the view

I hate to be always asking questions and being a pain, but I still have a couple of questions. 1. When I go to setup my machine and it asks how many rails, what should be my answer? Does it have anything to do with the extension I bought for the table?
2. Do I have to run through this machine setup procedure each time I start a new project? I will try my best to not ask stupid questions.
Thanks again

Not sure what extension you mean, what cnc is this?
Also the machine dimensions can be edited after that setup by going to Machine at the top :+1:

The machine setup is stored in the browser cache, if your having to constantly do it then your cache is getting cleared. Usually this is either browser privacy setting or anti-virus software setting… get the cache to not clear itself and you won’t need to do it. Unless the browser gets an update or windows gets a large update, usually about 1 or 2 times per year…

Ive heard these same questions about 20x in the past month from other ppl, can’t be stupid if everybody is asking :man_shrugging::grin:

I have the 3018 Pro and I bought the extension table to go with it. This allows me to have a work surface of 12"x14", instead of the 12"x7" work surface on the standard 3018 Pro. So my question is in the machine setup, does the rail size 500x500 change because of my work surface change? I really appreciate all the help you are giving me.
Thanks again

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Well, the rail size selection in the machine setup is purely referential when you do the setup… if you had an X-Carve then the values would make sense and work properly… since your doing a 3018 (3040) you can choose any size in there but youll want to change it after setup by clicking “Machine” at the top bar.

So Just go here to change it after finishing the setup. :point_down: