Easel ( windows 7 32 bit) keeps asking to install the driver (0.3.18)

Apparently for no reason Easel started asking to install the driver. I installed the driver bit it keeps coming back. I have a good connection with the arduino as the JOG button works perfectly. I can move the spindle in all directions.
It does the same with the 0.3.17 driver. (which worked before)

i had the same issue with the new driver and called inventables support. They walked me through the process and was back up and running in about 20 minutes.

FYI, it had something to do with my malware settings in windows.

do you remember what the solution was ?

They had to go into my system and change a setting in my windows security. I forget exactly which one. I was swamped that day so I allowed them in to do what they needed while I did others things and monitored.

I found it. For some reason the cookies setting in the chrome browser got set to “do not accept cookies”. After enabling cookies. I got the setup screen. After running through the process all was fine.