Easel (Windows v.0.3.2) Install Hangs -- SOLUTION

Every time there is an Easel driver upgrade, the installer hangs on the last step and I’ve got to jump through hoops to fix it. This is because I have an existing node.js install, and the installer assumes that either you don’t have node, or your existing install is compatible. This is a bad assumption. I have the 64 bit version of node, but easel requires the 32 bit version for its native code modules.

Here’s what I’ve found fixes the issues:

  • Open services.msc (Start -> Run, type services.msc). Find Easel, right click, stop.
  • Download the 32 bit node installer here. Install only node and npm, don’t let it mess with your path.
  • In CMD, navigate to C:\EaselLocal.
  • Delete node_modules. These were installed using the wrong node version.
  • Use the explicit path to the 32 bit npm to install, i.e. “C:\Program Files (x86)\node\npm” install. This will install the correct 32 bit modules.
  • nssm edit EaselLocal
  • Change the path to the 32 bit version of node.
  • Profit.

This really needs to be fixed by the installer. This has been occurring for well over a year at this point.

Hi, before I walk through these steps, I just wanna make sure I’m having the same problem you had… It hangs in “Verifying installation…”. Is that where your’s was hanging?

Yes, that is where my installation was hanging.

Ok, thanks much for posting these steps…
I have no idea how you figured this out, but I’ll take your word for it and give it a try.
I had also posted a general question pointing to your post and saying “Is this really the only solution??”.
As you say, this should certainly be addressed by the installer, not the “intallee”.
Can’t really complain though, my overall x-carve/easel experience thus far has been great.
Thanks much!

Ok, did everything in the list and then used Easel to do a job. Everything worked fine (no difference than prior to the new driver installation attempt); however how do I know if I’m working with the new driver?
After running through your steps, should I have ran the installer again (I didn’t)?

Easel will tell you if you aren’t on the current version of the driver. Also: no after you ran the installer the first time this completes the installation. You don’t need to run it again.