Easel with Mach3

Hi, I have a self-built CNC machine working with Mach 3 on a dedicated computer with parallel port running Win XP. Can I use Easel directly (i.e. without exporting/importing gcode) with my existing setup? If yes, how do I go about it?

I like the simplicity of Easel as I don’t plan to do anything fancy (yet) with my CNC. Any advice/thoughts you can share will be appreciated!

I’d say you are out of luck. Easel is to GRBL as Mach3 is to your Parallel Port controller. Easel generates Gcode. Mach3 doesn’t. You need to open the program file in Mach3. That gcode can be generated in Easel or other sources like CAMBAM, MeshCam, etc.

I have a Mach3 driven cnc as well as an x carve. I don’t use Easel, but it’s just a matter of saving the gcode to a memory stick and moving to the other computer with it. It’s just about the easiest step in the whole process if you ask me…:-).

Got it, Marty, thanks a lot!

hello excuse me I have a problem that I do not understand when I pass the gcode generated by EASEL on mach3 nothing happens no movement nothing I do not know why and especially how to solve the problem