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Easel with Nomad 883

Is Easel possible to use with this machine?

Should be. The Nomad and the X-Carve use the same program Grbl.

Setting up Easel seems to over-write defaults w/ those for Inventables’ machine. Those will need to be restored.

I tried the run a gcode exported from Easel on my Nomad 883 but it did not work. The spindle started but the cut did not follow the right pattern. Can it work? Do we have to add code lines in the Gcode? Gcode generated with easel run on G20 and codes generated by Carbide Create run on G21. Does it make a difference? Code lines in the CC code are like this :“X-64.25Y-64.90” and code lines generated by Easel look like this : “G1 X0.02945 Y-0.08145 F15.0”

It should work.

Can you explain?

Pictures are worth many words :wink:

Thanks to thep people who answered my post! I found the problem. The safety height was not hight enough and the tool hited my wooded clamp. I modified the safty height and was able run the job as intended. Thanks!