Easel wont connect to GRBL cnc machine


I have been using Easel with a 3rd party CNC using GRBL. I am now unable to connect to my CNC, I have checked the com port is ocrrect and updated all the drivers. Cannot get easel to connect again. I have also tried other programs and they work fine.

Anyone have a similar issue? Any help appreciated.

This sounds like it may be a antivirus or browser setting that is preventing the browser from taking control of the com port. You could try a different browser, or clear the cache and check any firewall or antivirus settings are not disallowing the connection…

Thank you for that info Sethcnc but I tried that several times to no avail, yet other programs like Estlcam will work fine.i just fine Easel easier to use as still on learning curve.

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