Easel won't get past a certain point

Ok, trying to make my logo. When I go through the process, it gets to the bit choosing portion and the little “progress wheel” just keeps spinning. It won’t get past that point no matter how long I wait. I’ve attached a screen grab of it. Material thickness is 3/16 (.0176)…material dimensions are quite large enough. It’s on COM 3.
The design I have imported is SVG and a very detailed design. Many aspects of easel freeze when trying to get there, but they unfreeze after a few seconds…except the Choose-a-bit part. I am clueless as to what to do next :confused:

What browser are you using? Try Google chrome. It sounds like it is having troubles processing stuff. If that does not work clear all browser history (cookies etc) and try again. I have also had easel operate fully on Firefox. Also… 3/16 is not 0.0176 it is 0.1875

I was using Firefox so I will try it in a different browser. Thank you for correcting me on the decimal conversion. I use to know how to clear all browser cookies, history, etc but have slept since then. Can you remind me? :confused: Thanks Nick

Not working in Chrome either. It gets me to the “Let’s Carve”, bar comes up saying that it’s generating tool paths…spindle continues to run…then the “page not responding” box appears. This has happened in two attempts on chrome.

Here is a video explaining what I’m referring to. It’s a bit long, but I wanted to be thorough:

I’m on my phone so I can’t see what easel runs on so I will find out later today but is java, flash etc up to date on your computer?

If it’s a detailed design, it might need cleaned up. I know when I took my logo from .jpg to .svg there was a lot of “noise” if you will in the details of the drawing. I’ve been trying to clean mine up using Corel but have finished yet. I think Easel gets confused with all of that “noise” in the file.

My $.02 :wink:

Think I read that as over 700 elements in the SVG? If so, you might try simplifying the tree as it looks like the tree might be lots and lots of individual lines?

Assuming the tree will be cut to the same depth, consider opening the SVG in Inkscape, selecting all parts of the tree and doing some sort of combining / running simplify. This will be down to you to decide what combination will be suitable.



Thanks guys. Detail is likely the culprit, sigh…I appreciate the assistance.

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Hmmm now I am having same issue, wont go past bit size, and using chrome, and my image is quite simple?

Russ, have you imported the image as a SVG or is it something you built from scratch in Easel?

I cna go to any file now and try and carve and it stops at the bit size. Even went from scratch setup machine via easel, and went to print the “Test Carve” and still stops at that point.

This is happening to me too, in a very simple file with two shapes.

Sounds like a bug going on with Easel now? Very frustrating as I have yet to complete a truely good carve yet. Seems like little issues each time. :frowning:

Same issue here. I just checked it with a file I’ve carved in Easel before and it won’t go past the bit selection. Same in Firefox and Chrome.

Same Issue here! Can’t even get previously completed projects to work.

Sam replied:

​I am talking with our development team about this issue. A recent change was pushed that might have caused a bug, it should be fixed now.

Samantha Jo Alaimo
Customer Success Specialist

On top of things … as always!

Sorry for the trouble, everyone. This should be working again. It may still take a while for complicated designs, though. (If you’re getting the “page not responding” message, that’s probably due to the complexity of the design, and I’d echo the suggestions above to try to simplify & combine shapes before importing.)

Edit: Oops, looks like Sam and @DallasJohnDuvallIi both type faster than I do!

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Sam is a SuperStar, give her a pay rise/bonus/Friday off @ZachKaplan :smile:


A little happy I’m not the only one.