Easel won't let me log in

I’ve been trying to log in to easel for a while now. When I access the log in page at easel.inventables.com it re-directs me to the inventables website to log in the first time, but after I’ve logged in it redirects me to back to the same easel.inventables log-in page. I’ve tried restarting my mac, running the website in safari, chrome, and firefox, disabling my ad-blockers, clearing my cache etc. I downloaded the driver that you can find at http://easel.inventables.com/downloads. I’m not sure If I need to to run the program though. When I do go to that website it does have a message across the top that says ‘Could not authenticate you from Inventables because “Invalid credentials”.’

I am logging in with an account that works on another computer, it just won’t work on mine for some reason. (It runs on a different mac in safari.)

I think there was an update-- I say that because I was getting crazy carve simulation times so I refreshed my browser and it made me log back in. I had to re-set my machine as it wasn’t reading that I was using a probe and now as I look at the screen things look a little different (new font maybe?). Hopefully you’re able to get on!

This has bedeviled me, too.

Usual tips for this include making sure an old instance of Easel isn’t already running in some buried tab, and using Chrome.

For me, I now get most consistency when I turn on the controller and then open Chrome and login.

tonight i too cant log into the forum but am somehow able to reply on this thread. strange as @^%$.