Easel works, cant get machine to work with Vcarve pro

Easel seems to be working fine. I switched over to vcarve pro and can’t get it to do anything. What am I missing?

What are you using to send the gcode to the machine?

Well I downloaded the UGS but it doesn’t seem to boot. I let it sit and boot for over 10 minutes. I’m not doing something right. I have selected the x carve post processor in vcarve as nd downloaded the file. I think I need to put the post processor into the app file in vcarve. Just not sure.

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Step 1 is getting a gcode sender working and connected to the machine. Try UGS version 2

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Do you have a link for that? I will try it after work. Thanks

UGS is here.

Did you install Java? That is required.

Chilipeppr is another alternative. It takes a little setup.

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make sure you are using the right post processor. inventables has the one you need on their v carve pro web page

I have selected the correct post processor in the vcarve but it won’t let me send to machine. I downloaded the post processor file but I’m not sure if I need to install it somewhere or does the vcarve 8 already he be It installed? I’m at work right now and won’t be able to work with it until later. All suggestions are welcome and I appreciate it.

V-Carve and the Post processor will not affect if it can be sent to the machine. It formats the g-code in way that it will be properly read after it has been sent.

It sounds like the problem is in your sending software.
You should be able to manually control and jog you machine with sending software. If you can not do that then there is something wrong.
I still have not been able to get chillypeppr to work on mine :frowning:
So I use UGS.
Sometimes when you first connect it will be in “alarm mode”, you need to clear the alarm ($X command - UGC has a button for it) before your XC will work.

The download should have two files, one for inch measurements and one for metric measurements.

Copy these two files here
C:\ProgramData\Vectric\VCarve Pro\V8.0\PostP

Next time you start Vcarve Pro the two post processors should appear in the drop down list.


If you put them in the “My_PostP” folder, then they will be the only options that show up as post-processors, whcih is kind of handy. You can also find these folders in V-Carve Pro under “File”->“Open Application Data Folder”.

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I have both in the dropdown menu and have selected the inches. It has to be the ugs

Assuming that you have Java installed:

Some people have to use the .bat file to start UGS but for me that doesn’t work I have to double click the .jar file and that works for me on Windows 7.

Java is installed as well running on win xp

In vcarve pro, where are you saving the final g code file?

I save it to my desktop, and once UGS is up and running, alarm bells disengaged ($X)
I then go to the file tab in UGS, hit browse and navigate to my desktop, locate the file and upload it to UGS and once the material is in place and the machine is zeroed out, I have my finger on the kill switch in case anything goes haywire and hit send.

I have it saved in my documents. My UGS is not booting. It won’t allow me to move my machine at all.

Do you mean UGS is not starting? Are you using UGS 2.0. If not download it and try it

I’m a little bit in the same place. In my VCarve, the ability to send directly to the machine is greyed out. I have to save the files in VCarve, and then load them seperately into UGS. I’ve seen a demo of VCarve at Rockler with their Shark CNC and that system sends directly from VCarve.

It does sound like you have this understood. Since it is working in Easel you have to have the arduino drivers loaded. Do you happen to have Easel running when trying to load UGS. I could see that causing problems as both try to access the same serial port.

As others have mentioned, you need to have a semi recent version of Java loaded on your machine. This is different from the javascript in the browser. I had to load it on my shop PC. Then extract everything in the USG zip file to a common location and double click the start windows.bat file. It likely won’t work correctly if you are clicking on the UniversalGcodeSender.jar file directly.


I got it going. I updated my java and downloaded the UGS 2. Now how do I get the UGS icon on my desktop?

Copy the Start.Bat file (control C) and then right click on your desktop and choose “Paste Shortcut” on the desktop.

The .BAT file may have a slightly different name, it has been a while since I looked at it.