Easel works with Grbl 0.9i

I’ve used Easel successfully several times. This morning, I started Easel, heard my spindle kick on and off and pulled up a drawing to run. I adjusted some parameters and pressed “Carve”. Easel then reported it can’t find my COM port. I re-entered the port number, clicked OK and nothing happened. Next, I opened UGS to test my system and it communicated normally with my Arduino. I closed UGS, went back to Easel and still had no luck. Each time I start Easel, I hear my spindle kick, but it keeps reporting no COM port.

I’m using Easel on Google browser in Win7 Home Premium.

I have had that happen when I had another copy of Easel open in another browser tab.

UGS may be still grabbing the port. If you reboot your computer it should fix it.

@Zach; I rebooted my computer and before doing anything else, opened my Google browser, opened Easel, got the spindle kicks, opened a drawing and it still reports no COM port.

What version of Grbl are you running? Have you changed it recently?

@paul: I installed v0.9i a couple of weeks ago. My system has run fine with it several times.

Still having the same issue today.

Grbl 0.9i is not compatible with easel yet. We will be supporting it in the coming weeks.

0.8c and 0.9g are the only options for now.

OK, Paul. At least I know I’m not going crazy now! Keep up the good work!!!

Thanks! Nope you are not crazy at all. I’ll update this thread when we have 0.9i support. Should be within a few weeks.

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I’m sorry I didn’t update this thread, but I hope you saw that we support grbl 9i now!

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Thanks, Paul. I just tested it and have full communication with my S2 from Easel. By the way, I’m doing it through Firefox, which was a different issue a while back. All appears well with the world!

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