Easel/x-controller is not connecting to my macOS Sierra

Hi, this is my first time using a carving machine, I have managed to assemble it using the instruction manual online, but once I reach to the stage where it says “computer set up” and put all the information to connect to to the x controller from Easel it does not connect, the page is stuck “Plug in your USB and turn on machine”. I would appreciate if someone could guide me through this with simple steps as I am a beginner user.



Assuming that you have plugged your USB cable into your computer and into the XController, and have powered on the Xcontroller; Twist the red ESTOP button to ensure that it is not pressed.

Thanks Robert, I did that and the green power light is on, it still doesn’t connect. Any other suggestions?

I don’t have a mac, but I know there have been some issues with their connectivity specifically, there was in fact a very recent thread about it.

This thread should help, same OS and everything: